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Summer 2012 Recap

Dear Family and Friends,

Summer Trips have come and gone.
And I feel much older and much wiser for it.

When I left Chicago for Dayton with two interns in tow I felt about five years old again. Definitely not old enough to be the trainer and developer of two interns, key contact for seven different youth pastors AND running a leadership development program via mission trips for over 100 students. Overwhelmed is an understatement of how I felt when my first team rolled into Emmanuel Lutheran Church. However, like I stated in the beginning the trips have come and gone and I survived. Two things that God taught me through my first summer at LeaderTreks (LT): 1) God is always working. No matter what I do or say, I can’t stop his plan. I learned that it feels way better to be on the good side of that plan, but I never have to worry about that plan being accomplished, he’s big enough to take care of that himself.  2) God showed me the humanity of the famous Biblical characters. They messed up and doubted also, I mean, they were human. The common theme among them though, was that God was working out his plan (see point #1). If you did not receive my weekly e-mails throughout the summer I’ll be posting trip re-visit updates throughout the fall onto my blog. Feel free to check it out at http://www.cheekhm.blogspot.com.

After nine weeks of trips back to back, LT blesses their trip staff with two whole weeks off. So I took off and covered 2,700 miles in my car to see as many friends and family as I possibly could – stopping by Oklahoma City, NW Arkansas, Bartlesville and Neosho.  Since that break was all about seeing other people I also planned a Labor Day Retreat for myself to Vail, CO. The perfect amount of time to refresh, refocus and spend lots of time with God in preparation for my second year with LT.

After gallivanting across the United States, I returned to the office where I officially started my second year of Summit (LT’s title for trip leading staff). This year, me and my fellow 2nd year staff members say goodbye to combined offices and daily training meetings and hello to the rest of the company. My official title now is the Assistant Director of Partnerships. This means I am working much more closely with our curriculum sales, customer service, and partnerships. Training is more of an on-the-go idea and I’m enjoying getting thrown into things and learning about other aspects of LT and how we serve Youth Pastors to connect students with leadership development. This new position will bring lots of new challenges, but also lots of new opportunities to see ministry and business balanced together.

In all these things I’m doing my best to stay centered on Christ. I’m glad to be back at the Kolten’s (my amazing host family), and getting to see my church family from Jericho Road. These are two places that God has blessed me so much in the past year with my move to Chicago. He’s used both to help me remember that every day, either up or down, He is at work all across this world.


A quick word on support (prayer and financial): I could NEVER do this without all of you. I know that prayer is vital to ministry, so thank you to those who have been praying. Please continue! There are also physical needs that I must take care of and God has used you all to cover those. I am still currently supported 75% by monthly donors and 25% by one-time gift. Thank you to those who committed to support me financially this past year. Lastly, saving me money also helps support me – and sending letters aren’t cheap. So if you are not already receiving my monthly newsletters by e-mail, please do so by emailing your name to Cheek.HM@gmail.com.

I’m officially on staff with LeaderTreks till August 2013, so if you would please take time to pray over the next week or so about partnering with me in one of these three ways, I would great appreciate it. Then fill out the response card included and mail it back to the address listed on the card (Automatic Withdrawal and Online Giving are also options. Please e-mail me for more information).

Daily life is always an adventure when you invite God into it. Thank you for all your support and I’m excited to continue to share my adventure with you throughout this coming year.


Many Blessings,


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